Real Estate Statistics and KPIs of Freehold Residential in Dubai, UAE

Key Performance Indicators of overall freehold villas, townhouses and apartments. View best performing freehold communities in Dubai. View communities experiencing significant capital growth or decline. View communities offering highest rental yields.

Performance of Freehold Residential in Dubai – 2018 Q3

--- (Q/Q) --- (Y/Y) -- Price PSF
--- (Q/Q) --- (Y/Y) -- Price PSF
--- (Q/Q) --- (Y/Y) -- Price PSF

* PSF – per sq. ft.

* --- denotes data is not available

Market Analytics

Market Analytics is a set of report generating tools that allows our users to collate data from our vast property database and apply it in more useful ways. All tools can be applied to apartments or villas & townhouses.

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Key Performance Indicators

This incredibly powerful tool gives a snapshot of the freehold villa, townhouses and apartment markets in Dubai. You can view historic capital values and growth rates. You will also see best performing (and not so well performing communities based on different criteria). This data is presented on a period-wise basis, so you can actually go back in time and view the market positions for various reporting periods.

Vital Statistics

View the major vital stats of all major freehold residential communities in Dubai. Get a snapshot of capital & rental growth rates, average prices per sq. ft., rental yields and occupancy rates. Filter your results.

Project Comparison

Compare any two freehold communities next to each other. The side by side comparison allows for greater understanding of key data sets including parties involved in construction, start & completion dates, project lifecycle, quality, number of units, prices & vital stats, location comparisons and positives & negatives.