Project Search

Project search is's core service. We currently report on over 95% of all freehold real estate projects and communities in the city of Dubai.

You can search for projects by simply using the search box on every page of OR view all projects.


Basic information on the project including parties involved in construction, status of the project, launch & completion date, quality, height, location, type of title, special classifications if any, positives & negatives on the project. Learn More

Extensive use of mapping technology

Integration with Google Maps; distance calculators. Nearby communities, schools, hospitals, shopping areas and metro stations. Learn More


If you search for a master-development in freehold Dubai, you will get access to a Projects tab which shows all the buildings / communities within the master-development. This detailed information is map integrated and allows advance filtering (by status, quality, developer, height etc). Learn More

Historic Data

For most major communities (not individual apartment projects), we publish quarterly transaction prices. This service includes displaying current and historic sale and rental prices; occupancy rates, rental yields, transaction activity, growth in the last quarter, growth in the last year. There are multiple graphs that accompany these data sets. Learn More


Stay informed.'s Media Watch service delivers all Dubai real estate news sourced locally & internationally on a daily basis. News items are integrated into the database which allows for advanced filtering (type of real estate news, by project, relevance, date and developer).

All news items are linked to its source ( does not claim ownership of third party content). Learn More

Snapshot of Current Asking Prices

Get a summary. Working with the team at, provides its users with a snapshot summary of current asking sale & rental prices in nearly all ready communities/projects in freehold Dubai. The summaries shown are an average of listed properties from credible agents in those particular areas. Learn More


Thousands of original, high-quality images – almost every building and villa community in Dubai has been photographed by our team. Pictures are updated regularly into our system. Learn More

Transaction Prices

This tab allows you to delve deeper and look at individual data for various property types in each community. Learn More

Dubai Land Transactions

The Dubai Land Department publishes a list of daily transactions on their website. The transaction data for apartments & offices is integrated into's database and updated twice a month. Learn More


Floor-plans, master-plans and project brochures. Learn More

Investment Guides

Snapshot analysis of trends in certain areas that we publish periodically.