Royal Island Beach Club (Lebanon Island) - The World Islands

Master Community: The World Islands
Property Types Available: Hotels
Status: Ready
Year Launched: 2006
Year Completed: 2012
Developer: Unknown

About Royal Island Beach Club (Lebanon Island)

The Royal Island Beach Club was purchased in 2008 by Wakil Admed Azmi and delivered in 2012 as the first developed island in the World. This project is situated on Lebanon Island which Mr. Azmi purchased for USD 16.3 million and then sold it after the project was delivered for USD 9.5 million.

According to press releases: The Royal Island Beach Club covers a total area of 38,941 square meters (419,161 sq. ft.) and encompasses an international restaurant with indoor or outdoor dining, long beach areas, swimming pool, chalets, stage and events area. It also has a night-club and beach parties are held there every Saturday. Transportation to and from the Island is by water taxis that take off from the Fisherman Harbour in Jumeirah.

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