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Historical Price Change of Villas in Meadows

These are the average Vital Stats for Meadows for 2018 Q3.
You can dig deeper and analyze data for individual properties in Meadows under Transaction Prices and Historical Data.

Meadows is a a mature development off Sheikh Zayed Road consisting of 9 individual communities having a total of nearly 1500 three, four, five and six bedroom villas. Meadows is located close to Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Islands and Jumeirah Park.

Master Community: Emirates Living
Property Types Available: Villas
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road
Status: Ready
Year Launched: 2003
Year Completed: 2007
Developer: Emaar
Title Type: Freehold
Quality Classification: High-end
Life Cycle: Mature
Ready Villas: 1,476
Maintenance Fee: AED 2.19 psf on the plot size per annum (Feb 2015)

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About Meadows

Please note: Meadows is one of the 60 major communities in freehold Dubai where reports quarterly prices and other vital stats. We track prices of 3, 4 & 5 bedroom villas. This data can be viewed in more detail under this section's Transaction Prices and Historic Data sections.

Community Overview & Price information

Meadows is part of Emaar's Emirates Living master-development which includes communities such as Emirates Hills, Springs, The Lakes, The Greens and The Views.

Meadows is considered to be one of the most desirable high-end villa communities in Dubai. Developed by Emaar Properties, this was Dubai's first major freehold villa development. There are a total of 1,476 villas located in 9 separate Meadows communities (Meadows 1, 2, 3 etc.).

Meadows is very mature and there is no construction activity or planned construction activity in the future. This is an entirely end-user driven community with extremely high occupancy rates.

Each Meadows enclave shares similar characteristics but varies in size. Prices of property in Meadows varies based a number of factors:

  1. The type of villa. In Meadows you will find three types of 3 bedroom villas, four types of 4 bedroom villas etc. So for example, a four bedroom villa in Meadows comes in four different layouts (Type 2, 4, 12 and 16).
  2. The location of the villa. If the property is in Meadows 1, 2 or 5 - the value of the villa is typically higher, regardless of the type. These three enclaves in particular have excellent entrance/exit points. Meadows 9 typically has the cheapest villas in Meadows.
  3. The location of the villa with an enclave. For example, a road facing villa in Meadows 5 vs. a lake facing villa in Meadows 5.
  4. Upgrades done on the properties. This is increasingly becoming more of a factor because Meadows is (in Dubai terms), an older development.
  5. Proximity to neighborhood schools, retail. Certain communities are walking distance to amenities.
  6. reports prices for all Meadows villa types except Hattan. Hattan is a type of villa (coming with four & five bedrooms), that typically have premium locations within each Meadows enclave. These are highly specialized sales and prices can vary greatly depending on a number of factors that does not allow for accurate, consistent reporting.
  7. In any given quarter when reports prices, we are giving a range of transaction price range for every property type. However, it is very much possible that a transaction took place above or below the range we provide. Certain sales in this community will be dictated by a desirable, premium location such as a lake facing unit OR a less desirable sale for a road-facing villa.

Types of 3 Bedroom Villas

Type 3: Built up area of 3,447 sq. ft.

Type 5: Built up area of 3,447 sq. ft.

Type 15: Built up area of 3,089 sq. ft.

Types of 4 Bedroom Villas

Type 2: Built up area of 4,090 sq. ft.

Type 4: Built up area of 3,624 sq. ft.

Type 12: Built up area of 4,170 sq. ft.

Type 14: Built up area of 4,099 sq. ft.

Types of 5 Bedroom Villas

Type 6: Built up area of 3,578 sq. ft.

Type 7: Built up area of 3,805 sq. ft.

Type 8: Built up area of 4,931 sq. ft.

Type 10: Built up area of 4,207 sq. ft.

Type 11: Built up area of 3,970 sq. ft.

Type 13: Built up area of 3,998 sq. ft.

Type 16: Built up area of 3,687 sq. ft.

Types of 6 Bedroom Villas

Type 9: Built up area of 4,924 sq. ft.

Positives of Meadows

Amenities of Meadows

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