Al Reem - Arabian Ranches

Al Reem consists of three enclaves within Arabian Ranches (Al Reem 1, 2 and 3) which feature 2 & 3 bedroom townhouses of various types. Al Reem is considered to be the most affordable community within Ranches.

Master Community: Arabian Ranches
Property Types Available: Townhouses
Location: Mohammad Bin Zayed Road
Status: Ready
Year Launched: 2005
Year Completed: 2007
Developer: Emaar
Title Type: Freehold
Quality Classification: High-end
Life Cycle: Mature
Ready Townhouses: 1,112 reports prices and transactional information for Arabian Ranches

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About Al Reem

Please note: In this section you can get a fair amount of information on Al Reem, but to understand current & historical transaction price trends and other vital stats, please visit the Arabian Ranches section under which Al Reem falls under.


Al Reem is a 208 acre project located within three gated communities (Al Reem 1, 2 & 3) within Arabian Ranches which intersect an expansive lake. Al Reem consists of 2 & 3 bedroom townhouses and there are a total of eight different layouts available. According to the developer it incorporates Arabic and Spanish architecture. In terms of total number of properties, Al Reem is the largest enclave within the Ranches having about 1,100 units in total. On average, it is the most affordable of all Ranches properties and usually the most heavily transacted at any given time.

Al Reem is located at the far end of Arabian Ranches; parts of the community border empty land/desert, whilst other properties are lake facing. The location of the properties within Al Reem can significantly impact the price range one would find for any of the property types.

Property Types in Al Reem

Type 4M: 2 Bed Townhouse with built up area of 1,691 sq. ft.

Type 4E: 2 Bed End Townhouse with built up area of 1,759 sq. ft.

Type 3M: 3 Bed Middle Townhouse with built up area of 2,156 sq. ft.

Type 3E: 3 Bed End Townhouse with built up area of 2,292 sq. ft.

Type 2M: 3 Bed Middle Townhouse with built up area of 2,564 sq. ft.

Type 2E: 3 Bed End Townhouse with built up area of 2,724 sq. ft.

Type 1M: 3 Bed Middle Townhouse with built up area of 3,060 sq. ft.

Type 1E: 3 Bed End Townhouse with built up area of 2,998 sq. ft.

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