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  • 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses launched in Royal Estates on a 4 year payment-plan

     Sep 20 2015  Royal Estates  Townhouses  Texture Holding Ltd.

    During Cityscape 2015, Texture Holding, which is now the main developer of the Royal Estates project launched 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses in the community. When Royal Estates was relaunched in 2014 after being put on-hold following the 2008 financial crisis they launched with townhouses. However, for reasons not completely clear, the developer put the townhouses on hold and started concentrating on selling studio and 1 bedroom apartments which is also part of the master-plan.

    There are three types of townhouses for sale in Royal Estates:

    2 Bedroom Townhouse: built up area of 1,127 sq. ft. Prices from AED 850,000

    3 Bedroom Townhouse: built up area of 1,654 sq. ft. Prices from AED 1,250,000

    4 Bedroom Townhouse: built up area of 2,123 sq. ft. Prices from AED 1,650,000

    The payment plan for the project is 10% down, 10% payable in Dec 2015, 5% Mar 2016, 5% June 2016, 5% Sep 2016, 5% Dec 2016, 5% Mar 2016, 5% June 2016 and 10% on handover (Sep 2017).

    The remaining 40% is payable after handover over 8 quarterly installments.

  • Royal Estates Q3 2015 Update

     Sep 03 2015  Royal Estates  Apartments  Texture Holding Ltd.

    The developer confirms that construction has not yet commenced on the site, however, mobilization is ongoing and expectations are that activity will be visible on site wtihin 30 - 60 days.

    The developer reconfirms that Royal Estates, which consists of two large parcels of land, is redesigning the townhouse component. Therefore, at the moment, there are currently no townhouses for sale although the main master-plan will eventually have townhouses.

    The developer also confirmed that out of the two parcels of land, one is active, where the current block of apartments consisting of studio and 1 bedroom units are available for sale. The second parcel will have townhouses, apartments and retail.

    At present investors can purchase studios and 1 bedrooms on a 4.5 year payment-plan. Studios are selling for AED 330,000 (546 sq. ft.) while 1 Bedrooms are selling for AED 575,000 (811 sq. ft.).

    The payment-plan for the units is 10% down, 1.2% payable x 36 months (during construction), 20% on handover, and 1.2% payable x 18 months post-handover.

  • Royal Estates relaunches Apartments with revised prices and payment plan

     Apr 27 2015  Royal Estates  Apartments  Texture Holding Ltd.

    Royal Estates, relaunched in 2014 to much hype and media coverage (mainly due to brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan) has revised its prices and payment-plan for apartments. This revision makes Royal Estates one of the most attractive investment propositions currently in Dubai.

    The developer is selling Studio apartments from prices of AED 285,000 - 359,000 (sizes of 490 - 546 sq. ft.)

    1 Bedroom apartments are being sold for AED 575,000 - 585,000 (sizes of 810 - 836 sq. ft.)

    The payment plan for the project is: 10% down-payment, 36 monthly payments of 1.2%, 20% on handover and 18 installments after handover of 1.2%

    The developer has priced the units at AED 580 psf - compared to the current prices of DIP ready units which are AED 800 - 900 psf

    Another strong pitching point for the Royal Estates (and DIP in general) is its location adjacent to the Expo 2020 site.

    The developer has definitely taken into account new competition in the marketplace, especially from projects like NSHAMA's Town Square. Buyers looking to buy in NSHAMA's Town Square are predominantly attracted to the project's studios and 1 bedroom units (priced at between AED 350,000 - 550,000); however, those have much smaller built up areas and are very limited in number (around 10 - 15 per building).

  • Royal Estates Apartments - new incentives to purchase (revised payment plan and rental return guarantees)

     Jan 24 2015  Royal Estates  Apartments  Texture Holding Ltd.

    The below are some new incentives the developer of Royal Estates is giving to buyers:

    The developer is now giving buyers new options on selecting a payment-plan when booking a property. At a price of AED 950 psf, all payments are to be made by the time of handover. At a price of AED 1,000 psf, all payments are to be concluded one year after handover. At a price of AED 1,100 psf, all payments are to be concluded by two years after handover.

    The revised payment plan options are only applicable for purchasers of 1 or 2 bedroom apartments

    In case of a resale, the seller (or new buyer) will have to pay an additional payment of 5% which will be adjusted into the sale price.

    The developer guarantees rental payment of AED 120,000 for a 2 bedroom and 90,000 for a 1 bedroom for up-to 3 years after handover.

    In case the buyer is opting for a payment plan which involves payments to be made after handover, the title deed will only be transferred in the name of the buyer after the unit is 100% paid.

    This information is provided by a source at the developer's office and does not take responsibility for its accuracy.

  • Royal Estates Apartment Launch Report - August 2014

     Aug 09 2014  Royal Estates  Apartments  Texture Holding Ltd.

    At the first stage of launch, which is currently underway (2nd week of August, 2014), buyers can purchase studio and 1 bedroom apartments from the developer.

    Studio sizes range from 487 - 536 sq. ft. and are all priced at AED 999 psf (total prices of AED 486,000 - 536,000).

    1 Bedroom sizes are a standard 805 sq. ft. (including a balcony measuring 135 sq. ft.). These are priced at AED 950 psf (total price of AED 765,000).

    At AED 950 - 1,000 psf, these units are priced above the market in Dubai Investment Park - where there are several mid-end developments with prices of AED 800 - 900 psf. Green Community East, also in Dubai Investment Park, which we grade as high-end - borders the Royal Estates and has transaction prices ranging from AED 1,150 psf for larger units to AED 1,500 psf for studios.

    Considering that Royal Estates is also a lease-hold project (99 year title), this development is priced at the same level of other hotspots such as Dubai Sports City and Jumeirah Village Circle which are both free-hold and closer to 'new Dubai'.

    It will be interesting to monitor accurately their sales progress over the coming weeks and Royal Estates could very well be a litmus for the overall market strength.

  • Royal Estates Townhouses Launch Report - August 2014

     Aug 09 2014  Royal Estates  Townhouses  Texture Holding Ltd.

    Royal Estates is offering 2, 4 and 5 bedroom townhouses at launch. Prices at launch range from AED 849 - 950 psf.

    2 Bedroom Townhouses have a NET built up area of 1,627 - 1,688 sq. ft. and GROSS area of 1,694 - 1,758 sq. ft. Prices range from AED 1.5 - 1.6 million.

    4 Bedroom Townhouses have a NET built up area of 3,454 - 3,546 sq. ft. and GROSS area of 3,696 - 3,793 sq. ft. Prices range from AED 2.9 - 3.01 million.

    5 Bedroom Townhouses have a NET built up area of 3,798 - 4,069 sq. ft. and GROSS area of 4,096 - 4,342 sq. ft. Prices range from AED 3.6 - 3.86 million.


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