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  • Dubai Sports City Q2 2017 Price Update

     Jul 06 2017  Dubai Sports City  Apartments  Bukhatir Group

    Transaction prices for studios will range from AED 450,000 – 550,000; although there are a handful of units priced below this range, typically in buildings which are under-construction or soon to be handed over. There are also some studio apartments in high-end developments such as the Matrix or Canal Residence West which have larger sizes and are priced as high as AED 700,000 – 750,000. Current rentals range from AED 38,000 – 48,000 per annum.

    Transaction prices for 1 bedrooms currently range from AED 650,000 – 850,000. Current rentals range from AED 55,000 – 68,000.

    The market in Dubai Sports City remains very stable – with prices having increased by 2% on average in the past 12 months. On the other hand, rents have decreased. Rental values for studios as an example have decreased 16% in the past 24 months (average rent for a studio in 2015 was AED 50,000 versus AED 43,000 this quarter).

    2 Bedrooms currently transact from AED 1,000,000 - 1,300,000 depending on the building. However, there are some units in off-plan projects or less desirable units in some buildings (think low floors, less light, awkward layouts, smaller built up areas) which can transact at as low as AED 900,000. These type of 2 bedrooms are popular with investors for rental income. Current rentals for 2 bedrooms ranges from AED 75,000- 100,000 per annum.

    For more information on purchasing / investing in Sports City, please contact +971.50.708.6765

  • Investing in a Studio or 1 Bedroom in Sports City Q1 2017

     Mar 29 2017  Dubai Sports City  Apartments  Bukhatir Group

    Sports City continues to be an area that is attractive for investors looking for value and fairly sold rental yields. The studio and one bedroom apartments are the most popular purchases in this community.

    It is possible to find a handful of studio apartments in the community at prices as low as AED 380,000 - 450,000; however, these are in under-construction buildings and are considered distress sales. Typically this kind of price range could be found in towers like Hera, Global Golf, Limelight, Eden Gardens and Profile Residence.

    In general, the transaction range for studio apartments in Sports Ctiy ranges from AED 450 - 575,000. These units typically rent for AED 40,000 to 50,000 per annum.

    The price ranges for 1 bedrooms in the ready, established buildings in Sports City ranges from AED 700,000 to AED 850,000. There are a handful of units below AED 700,000 but would mainly be in the under-construction or emerging towers.

    The most popular buildings to purchase in Sports City are the Elite buildings 1 - 10. This is the biggest developer in the community and they have consistently delivered in terms of decent quality and completed their projects in time.

    If you are looking to purchase off-plan and something will be ready within the next 12 months, we highly suggest you take a look at Elite 10 - which upon completion will be the largest residential block in Sports City.

    Other popular buildings in Sports City:

    i) Olympic Park: the 2 bedrooms here are popular with attractive prices AED 1.0 to 1.1 million.

    ii) Uniestate Tower: this building is handing over in April & May 2017. While an average quality building, there is good value for money here for investors.

    iii) Canal Residence is considered the highest quality development in Sports City and is popular for end-users looking to purchase larger 2 & 3 bedroom units.

    For more information on Sports City or finding the right investment here, please contact Kashif Ali at +971.50.708.6765

  • Stadium Point: limited ready units available for sale on an exceptional payment-plan

     Feb 21 2016  Stadium Point  Apartments  Vascon Trading Ltd.

    Stadium Point is a mixed-use building located directly infront of the Cricket Stadium in Dubai Sports City.

    The building is ready and handovers are commencing on March 15th, 2016. Total of 161 apartments - studio, 1 and 2 bedroom units. There are 5 floors of office space.

    About 20 units are available for sale on a payment-plan. 50% is payable immediately and 50% is payable over 2 years following handover. Buyers can pay 50% and either move-in or rent out their units. The remaining 50% is payable by 4 post-dated cheques dated every 6 months.

    As of Feb 21st, 2016: total of 3 studio apartments selling at AED 900 per sq. ft; total of 8 one bedrooms selling for AED 725 per sq. ft. and a total of 7 two bedrooms selling for AED 725 per sq. ft.

    Investors can earn a healthy rental return on these units.

  • Dubai Sports City Q4 2015 Update

     Dec 06 2015  Dubai Sports City  Apartments  Bukhatir Group

    As of Q4 2015, there are a total of 67 active projects in Dubai Sports City. 38 are completed, 29 are under-construction.

    Furthermore, a total of 59 projects have apartments, there are 4 villa & townhouse communities in Sports City, 1 Hotel development and 2 projects that have office space.

    Apartment prices in Dubai Sports City reached their peak in Q3 2014 (average transaction price per sq. ft. of AED 955). Since its peak, prices have corrected about 6.1% (today the average transaction price per sq. ft. is about AED 900).

    Considering that prices in Sports City increased by 56% between 2012 and late 2014, the current correction being witnessed is quite negligible. Furthermore, sale & rental prices are holding quite steady over the past 3 quarters even though transaction volumes appear to have slowed (as is the case across much of freehold Dubai).

    Studios in Sports City currently have transaction price ranges (on average) of AED 400 - 575,000.

    1 Bedrooms in the community currently have transaction prices ranges of AED 650 - 900,000.

    2 Bedrooms currently have transaction price ranges of AED 900,000 - 1.4 million.

    The prices ranges shown above also include prices of a number of off-plan projects in Sports City.

    The buildings in Sports City that command the highest transaction prices are Canal Residence West, the buildings developed by The First Group (The Matrix, The Spirit), and the Elite Sports Residence buildings.

  • Classic Soccer Tower Dubai Sports City - apartments for sale on a payment plan with prices from AED 760 - 1000 psf.

     Apr 28 2015  Classic Soccer Tower  Apartments  Alif Properties

    Classic Soccer Tower is located in Sports City in a belt which still has a number of buildings under-construction. Nearby ready buildings including the Medalist and Elite Sports Residence Building 4.

    The developer of this project is Alif Properties, which apparently acquired this stalled project in 2014. Advertisements run last year featured the famous Pakistani entertainer & entrepreneur Junaid Jamshed as one of the principals of the company. The developer is currently selling apartments on a payment plan.

    There are studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with the following details (as of April 2015):

    Studios have sizes ranging from 495 - 620 sq. ft. Prices from AED 495,000 - 558,000 (AED 900 - 1,000 psf)

    1 Bedrooms have sizes ranging from 771 - 943 sq. ft. Prices from AED 713,000 - 829,000 (AED 879 - 924 psf)

    2 Bedroom have sizes ranging from 1,445 - 1,710 sq. ft. Prices from AED 1.1 - 1.3 million (AED 760 psf)

    The building has currently reached its 5th level of construction, therefore, the developer is asking for a 40% down-payment. Once the building reaches the 10th slab, 10% is due. Once the building reaches the 14th slab, 10% is due. Once the building is nearing completion, 10% is due. On completion, 10% is due. The remaining 20% is payable over 18 months after handover on monthly installments.

    Buyers who purchase units at the moment will recieve a brand new KIA as per the developer's latest offering. Prices of this project are in line with the rest of Sports City.

  • Grand Horizon Tower 1 Project Review

     Jan 31 2015  Grand Horizon 1  Apartments  Gulf General Investments (GGICO)

    This is a project by GGICO and is also previously known as Olympic Tower 5. The developer has already completed several projects in Dubai Sports City (Olympic Tower 1, 2, 3 and 4).

    Grand Horizon is located at the far-end of Sports City near projects such as Royal Residence and Canal Residence West.

    The project is currently under-construction and delivery is expected in Q4 2015 or early 2016.

    The developer is selling units through its own real estate agency arm (GGICO Properties).

    Prices for units on the lower level start at AED 850 psf and go up-to AED 1,000 psf.

    The building consists of only 1 bedroom apartments of various sizes. Views available include full-golf course and Sports City community views.

    The payment plan is 30% on booking and 70% payable over 2 years after completion on quarterly installments.

  • Dubai Sports City Q3 2014 Review

     Sep 13 2014  Dubai Sports City  Apartments  Bukhatir Group

    Transaction activity in Dubai Sports City is now considered to be 'Low', as compared to 'Average' in Q2 2014 and 'High' in Q1 2014.

    Ready projects are transacting at between AED 950 - 1,050 psf. Prices for ready property are holding steady.

    Projects which are nearing delivery (delivery within 3 - 6 months) are transacting at AED 800 - 875 psf. Prices for projects nearing delivery are holding steady.

    Projects which are in initial stages of construction (10 - 30% complete), are transacting at AED 700 - 725 psf. These type of projects are experiencing decline in investor interest and price.

  • Launch of Elite 8, Dubai Sports City

     May 05 2014  Dubai Sports City  Apartments  Bukhatir Group

    Elite 8 was launched in May 2014. It is the 8th Elite Sports Residence building to be launched in Dubai Sports City (buildings 1 - 6 are already completed). Elite buildings (as of Q2 2014) generally have higher selling prices and demand due to percieved better quality of construction and facilities.

    Elite 8's launch prices range from 530,000 - 1.3 million. Unit types available are studios, 1 and 2 bedroom units. Price psf ranges from AED 800 - 1060 psf (studios have higher prices psf).

    The Elite 7, which is right next to Elite 8, is already in an advanced stage of construction (delivery is scheduled for Q3 2014) and limited units are available from the developer. Studios are selling for AED 600,000 (AED 1200 psf) and 1 bedrooms starting from for AED 840,000 (AED 960 psf)

  • Dubai Sports City: Q1 2014 Review and Q2 2014 Outlook

     Mar 09 2014  Dubai Sports City  Apartments  Bukhatir Group

    The prices shown in the table above are a combination of ready and under-construction. The current market rate of Dubai Sports City is determined by a number of factors (see previous post).

    For buildings which are 100% complete - the going transaction levels are between AED 950 to 1000 psf.

    For buildings which are between 60 - 80% complete - the transaction levels range from AED 800 - 850 psf.

    For buildings which are about 20 - 30% complete - prices are at the AED 700 - 750 psf mark.

    According to Experts reporting in the area, investors looking for a safe investment and high capital growth should look at Stadium Point and Royal Residences 1 & 2. These buildings are under-construction and have good payment plans as well as attractive prices.

    In terms of complete buildings, all the Elite Sports Residence buildings have some of the highest prices psf but also deliver on location and quality (especially when compared to other buildings in the community).

    The First Group, which is a renowned developer in Dubai, is currently selling The Matrix project at around AED 1200 psf and our reports are that they are managing to move their inventory.

    Dubai Sports City (as the master-developer) is also expected to launch additional buildings (currently they have three ready buildings in the community by the name of Canal Residences). Their next launch expected in Q2 2014 will be at the AED 1200 - 1300 psf mark.

  • Dubai Sports City: Market Performance 2013 - 2014

     Mar 09 2014  Dubai Sports City  Apartments  Bukhatir Group

    There are approximately 160 building plots in Dubai Sports City out of which the master-developer sold 107 and 76 were actually launched.

    So far (as of Q1 2014), 21 towers are delivered. Only 5 buildings are expected for handover through 2014.

    Through 2013, the average price appreciation for Dubai Sports City apartments was about AED 15 - 20 psf per month.

    Investors trying to determine the real market value (or understand the accepted norm for pricing a particular project need to take into account a number of factors. 1) The reputation of the developer. Developers like First Group, Dubai Sports City will charge much more psf than the many other developers in Sports City who have launched multiple projects but delivered little. Investors should be vary of certain developers who are trying to kick-start their projects which have been lying dormant for many years especially if they have multiple projects in the pipeline. 2) The quality of construction - or expected value of construction. 3) The difference being gross and net areas and how the pricing varies between the two. Certain developers have lower ratio between net and gross areas and these should be viewed more favorably. 4) Actual progress on ground; speed of construction; stage of construction.

  • Victory Heights: Q1 2014 Review and Q2 2014 Outlook

     Mar 08 2014  Victory Heights  Villas  Victory Heights

    Transaction activity in Victory Heights has slowed down significantly.

    Experts are witnessing slight corrections in the market. For example, in Q4 2013, it would have been nearly impossible to find a Type C1 villa at below the AED 6 million mark; at the end of Q1 2014, there are options available at around AED 5.8 million.

    Similarly a B1 in Q4 2013 would fetch no less than AED 7 - 7.5 million. Recently a company is advertising a B1 for AED 6.75 million.

    Prices went up quite artificially in the past 6 months and due to the lack of transactions, sellers are more willing to listen to serious offers. Victory Heights remains a fantastic golf-course development and canny/patient buyers can take advantage of the current stagnation in this market.


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