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  • 52|42: An Unrecognized & Under-valued Buying Opportunity

     Oct 07 2017  52I42 Towers (Fifty Two Forty Two Towers)  Apartments  Emaar

    52|42 is a twin-tower development by Emaar in Dubai Marina, with a prime water-front location due for completion in 2020. This project by Emaar was sold-out within a few hours of the launch in 2016 and since then only a handful of units are being sold in the secondary market, since many buyers are holding on to it as a trophy asset or believe it has significant capital growth potential and will generate high returns once completed.

    52|42 is a great buying opportunity for many reasons.

    1. Top-Tier Developer: Emaar is without a doubt, the best developer in Dubai and is known to deliver quality and ambience unmatchable to any other developer. This is the only residential building by Emaar in the front row of buildings along the sea and therefore will be very exclusive.

    2. Location, Location, Location: This development is strategically located in a tourist hot-spot. Located at the brink of Bluewaters Island and in very close proximity to JBR and the Beach, 52|42 will be popular for short-term and long-term rentals and will hold its value despite market conditions. Residents of this building will have walking access to the boardwalk of the island.

    3. Unmatchable & Prime Views: The front units will have the best possible panoramic views of the Sea, Dubai Eye, Bluewaters Island, and Palm Jumeirah. The views in this tower will be unobstructed and unmatchable to any other development in Dubai Marina.

    4. Convenience: 52|42 will be directly accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road through a ramp exit going into the building, meaning residents will not face the Marina traffic. Additionally, residents will have easy access to retail and leisure hot-spots such as JBR Walk/The Beach and Bluewaters Island Boardwalk.

    In terms of pricing, 52|42 is a much cheaper option than other similar first-row developments in Marina or JBR, i.e One JBR, Crystal Towers, or Al Bateen and we believe is quite undervalued. The quality of 52|42 will be far superior than the other comparable developments such as Al Bateen. The front unit of 2 Bed in Al Bateen with exact same view today sells easily at AED 3,700 per sq. ft., where as it is selling for AED 2,500 per sq. ft. in 52|42.

    Don’t miss your opportunity and learn more about this project - Contact Kashif Ali at +971.50.708.6765 or email us at

  • Luxury buying opportunity in 52-42, Dubai Marina

     Apr 04 2017  52I42 Towers (Fifty Two Forty Two Towers)  Apartments  Emaar

    An incredible 2 bedroom with a full view towards Blue Waters Island, the Arabian Gulf and JBR walk is available for sale in 52-42.

    52 / 42 Towers by Emaar were launched in 2016 and sold out within a few hours of launch.

    A handful of units are available from the secondary market on premiums.

    We think luxury property buyers shoud focus on buying front-facing units in 52-42 where available for the following main reasons:

    A) The front units in Tower 1 has the best possible view of the Sea, Dubai Eye, Blue Water Islands Board Walk and Palm Jumeirah. Totally unobstructed and unmatchable & will have the panoramic lively and stunning views of the whole of Palm, JBR Beach Walk and Blue Water Islands. It will have full 100% sea view like no other building.

    B) Emaar is without doubt the best Developer in UAE and delivers quality and ambience unmatchable by any other Developer. This is the only Emaar building which is on the sea and therefore will be very very exclusive.

    C) Its on the brink of the Blue Water Islands which means it has a walking access to the Board Walk of the Island and therefore will have the best best access to the main tourist hot spot in Dubai.

    D) It will have a direct car entrance access from the main SZR without having to go through any Marina traffic, which is increasing day by day. It has a direct ramp off the exit going into the building and so you don't need to enter marina at all.

    E) It will have a walking bridge across the water to the JBR Beach and Walk and also a walking track into Blue Water Islands, which again means it will be the most accessible building from all major activities and dining destinations.

    F) The pricing is also much much cheaper than the other first row similar projects in Marina or JBR like One JBR, Crystal Towers or Al Bateen front units. A similar front unit of 2 Bed in Al Bateen with exact same view today sells easily at AED 4,200 per sqft.

    We currentlly have a beautiful 2 Bedroom in Tower One (52 Tower) for sale at AED 2,575,000 including premium and Oqood.

    At transfer property will be paid 40% and the remainder payments will be 10% linked to construction and will start after mid 2018 till handover in 2020. So no payments after transfer for 1.5 years.

    For clients intersted in learning more please contact Gibran Y. Bham +971.56.408.7616 or Kashif Ali at +971.50.708.6765

  • Launch review of Vida Marina

     Mar 25 2017  Vida Residence Dubai Marina  Apartments  Emaar

    Vida Marina was announced on 12th of March 2017, and the project was expected to be opened up for sales the following Saturday (18th of March 2017). However, pre-sales actually commenced on the 13th of March and within 48 hours almost the entirety of the building was sold out.

    Vida Marina is a high-rise branded residence by Emaar being built on the current site of the Marina Yacht Club. The project will feature a brand new Yacht Club, retail & restaurants. Floors 2 - 5 offer large terraced 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Floors 8 - 12 will have the Vida hotel. Floors 13 will be an amenity / building facilities floor. Floors 14 - 52 are branded (unfurnished) residences.

    The launch prices were at least 10 - 15% lower than expected and helped propel sales.

    1 Bedroom full marina view units had prices of AED 1,560,888 (AED 1,840 per sq. ft.)

    1 Bedroom units with partial marina views had prices of AED 1,360,888 (AED 1969 per sq. ft.)

    1 Bedroom back views (towards Marina community / SZR) had prices from AED 1,335,888 (AED 1,337 per sq. ft.)

    2 Bedroom with partial Marina views had prices starting from AED 1,680,888 (AED 1,500 per sq. ft.)

    2 Bedroom with full marina views had prices startinig from AED 2,143,888 (AED 1920 per sq. .ft.)

    The 3 Bedrooms with full marina views had prices starting from AED 3,179,888 (AED 1904 per sq. ft.)

    If you're interested in learning more about Vida Marina, are intersted in a 3 bedroom unit directly from Emaar or may have an interest in purchasing in this building from the secondary market in the future please contact Kashif Ali at +971.50.708.6765 or Gibran Y. Bham at +971.56.4087616

  • Studio One Dubai Marina remains one of our top off-plan buys in Dubai today

     Nov 29 2016  Studio One  Apartments  Select Dubai

    If you are looking for a smaller investment in the Marina / JLT area with an exceptional payment-plan then Studio One should be at the top of your list.

    Studio One is one of the last major residential developments to be launched in Dubai Marina. The developer has an exceptional track-record within Marina itself, having developed prominent projects like Botanica, Torch, Bay Central etc. The building comprises mainly of studio and one bedrooms; and the payment-plan is extremely user friendly. Studio and one bedroom units will offer rental yields exceeding 8% per annum and we expect about 25 - 30% capital growth by completion.

    As of Nov 29th, 2016 - only 30 out of 240 units are available for sale (1 & 2 bedrooms; studios sold out). We expect this building to sell out within the coming few weeks.

    The Payment-Plan is 10% down, 10% after 6 months, 10% after 12 months and then 70% on completion.

    1 Bedrooms range in price from AED 925,000 - 1,200,000

    2 Bedrooms have prices ranging from AED 1,350,000 - 1,450,000

    To learn more, please contact +971-50-7086765

  • Studio One Dubai Marina - selling out fast. Report on current availability

     Oct 05 2016  Studio One  Apartments  Select Dubai

    STUDIO ONE in Dubai Marina is selling out fast

    Small studios of 301 sq. ft. are sold out.

    Larger studios of 502 sq. ft. are available - prices from AED 740 - 820,000

    Smaller 1 Bedrooms of are available, 591 sq. ft. - prices from AED 950,000 - 1,050,000

    Large 1 Bedrooms are available, 723 sq. ft - prices from AED 1,00,000 - 1,100,000

    Investors are attracted to this product because of potentially high rental returns (between 8 - 9%) and the fantastic payment-plan (the best payment-plan available for any major residential development along Sheikh Zayed Road.

    Payment Plan: 10% down-payment + 4% Land Department registration, 10% after 6 months, 10% after 12 months and

    70% on completion (Dec 2018).

    If you're interested in learning more, please contact Kashif +971-50-7086765

  • Units available in Marina Gate 2 on a 30:70 payment-plan

     May 08 2016  Marina Gate  Apartments  Select Dubai

    Marina Gate is located on one of the best remaining undeveloped plots of Dubai Marina. The complex consists of two residential buildings and one hotel/serviced apartment tower to be managed by the Jumeirah Group. As of May 2016, a limited number of luxury apartments are available for sale from the developer on a payment-plan.

    Construction on the towers is well underway. Tower 1 will be delivered in 2017 and Towers 2 & 3 are expected to be completed by 2018.

    There are a limited number of units remaining for sale in Tower 2:

    1 Bedrooms with prices ranging from AED 1.5 - 1.8 million (prices per sq. ft. of AED 1950 - 2,220).

    2 Bedrooms have prices ranging from AED 2.48 - 2.6 million (prices per sq. ft. of AED 1950 - 2070)

    3 Bedrooms have prices of around 4.2 million (prices per sq. ft. of AED 2,300)

    The payment-plan for Tower 2 is currently 3% deposit, 12% on signing of the SPA, 15% after 6 months and then 70% on completion.

    On completion the purchaser will have the option of obtaining a bank finance.

    We expect that upon completion Marina Gate - because of its location and facilities) will be considered one of the top 5 luxury complexes within the Marina. This payment-plan offers an entry point for end-users with the mind of moving into their dream apartment in late 2017 or early 2018.

  • Expected Launch Prices for 52I42 by Emaar in Dubai Marina

     Apr 21 2016  52I42 Towers (Fifty Two Forty Two Towers)  Apartments  Emaar

    The 52I42 Towers are located directly overlooking the Arabian Gulf and will have panoramic views of Palm, Sea, Dubai Eye and JBR Walk. This will be the only Emaar building which will have full sea view as the other buildings in Marina have the Marina view only, so it will definitely the most expensive building in Marina once ready.

    Emaar have released floor-plans today. 1 Bedrooms have sizes averaging 700 sq. ft. 2 Bedrooms have sizes ranging from 1,082 - 1,176 sq. ft. 3 Bedrooms have sizes ranging from 1,608 - 1806 sq. ft.

    Expected launch prices are: Full Sea View two beds for around AED 2.7 million and 3 Beds for around aed 3.5 million with the marina facing two beds around AED 1.9 million and one beds around 1.1 - 1.2 million.

    There is a four year payment-plan being offered and completion is scheduled for September 2020.

    To attend the launch, you will need to pre-register your interest. Bookings will commence on Saturday April 23rd, 2016.

    To learn more about purchasing in 52 I 42 Towers, please contact +971-50-7086765

  • JBR Review Q4 2015

     Dec 22 2015  Jumeirah Beach Residence  Apartments  Dubai Properties Group

    From 2012 to Q2 2014, average prices in JBR appreciated by approximately 62%.

    Since Q2 2014 to Q4 2015, average prices in JBR have depreciated by approximately 19%. Average transaction price per sq. ft. in JBR is now AED 1,553.

    In the last quarter (Q4 2015), prices depreciated by about 7%, the largest single drop witnessed in the last 4 years. Transaction volumes have also halved when comparing the last quarter of 2014 to Q4 2015.

    Rental prices have depreciated by approximately 4% in the last quarter.

    Studios have prices ranging from AED 1.1 - 1.3 million. Rental prices from AED 75 - 85,000 per annum. No change.

    1 Bedrooms with marina, partial sea views, courtyard views have prices ranging from AED 1.35 - 1.75 million. Rental prices from AED 95 - 115,000.

    1 Bedrooms with good sea views have prices ranging from AED 1.7 - 2.0 million. Rental prices from AED 120 - 135,000 per annum.

    2 Bedrooms with marina, partial sea views, courtyard views have prices ranging from AED 1.65 - 2.1 million. Rental prices from AED 120 - 140,000.

    2 Bedrooms with good sea views have prices from AED 2,0 - 2.7 million. Rental prices from AED 140 - 155,000 per annum.

    3 Bedrooms with marina, partial sea views, courtyard views have prices ranging from AED 2.3 - 3.0 million. Rental prices from AED 155 - 170,000.

    3 Bedrooms with good sea views have prices from AED 3,0 - 3.6 million. Rental prices from AED 170 - 195,000 per annum.

  • JBR Q3 2015 Review

     Sep 16 2015  Jumeirah Beach Residence  Apartments  Dubai Properties Group

    Capital and rental values for JBR remains almost exactly identical to Q2 2015. The average price per sq. ft. in JBR is AED 1,664. Average prices per sq. ft. in JBR have declined by 10% from their peak reached in Q3 2014 (AED 1,849 per sq. ft.).

    Prices have stabilized in JBR since the start of the year. In the last 9 months prices have corrected only slightly, by about 3%.

    The stability in JBR prices over the past 3 quarters seems to be mainly because it is the only beachfront development in Dubai and is one of the most popular area for tourists visiting the city. A few other factors are (a) the development of Blue Water Island will further enhance the community (b) The Beach - a retail destination by Meraas which was completed a year ago has revitalized the area (c) Dubai Properties themselves are conducting refurbishments to enhance the JBR walk.

    Several factors affect prices in JBR (a) location within JBR; i.e. which cluster of buildings. (b) View and quality of the view (c) any upgrades done to the property (d) vacant or tenanted.

    Studio apartments (which are found mainly in the Murjan clusters) range in price between AED 1.1 - 1.3 million. Current rentals are about AED 75,000 - 85,000 per year.

    1 Bedroom apartments with a marina or partial views can range from AED 1.4 - 1.8 million while sea view apartments can command between AED 1.8 - 2.2 million. Rentals for 1 Bedrooms in JBR range from AED 100 - 140,000.

    2 Bedroom apartments with a marina or partial views can range from AED 1.7 - 2.3 million. Sea view apartment can command between AED 2.5 - 2.9 million. Average rentals for 2 bedrooms is between AED 120 - 140,000.

    3 Bedroom apartments with a marina or partial views can range from AED 2.5 - 3.2 million. Sea view apartments can range from AED 3.4 - 3.8 million. Average rentals for 3 bedrooms is between AED 160 - 200,000.

    It is possible that there are apartments listed or transacted higher than the range we provide. A number of additional factors can affect price in JBR including desirability, furnished units or highly upgraded apartments. Some apartments are also larger than the average sizes we report on.

    In September 2015, Dubai Properties announced the launch of One JBR, a high-rise beachfront development offering panoramic sea views.

    Q3 2015 prices will be reported across on October 1st, 2015

  • 1 Bedrooms in Dubai Marina: Q3 2015 Review

     Aug 31 2015  Dubai Marina  Apartments  Emaar

    For 1 Bedrooms in Dubai Marina, we record very little change in both capital and rental values from the last quarter. However, we do notice that a large amount of 1 Bedroom apartments in the high-end category are available for sale now. Occupancy rates remain high (over 90%) across the Marina. Within each category shown below you will find that some units will be priced higher than the range provided because of either a premium view, an upgraded unit or a fully furnished unit. However more than 90% of the units in the Marina will fall under the ranges we provide.

    Mid-end 1 Bedrooms: Average price per sq. ft. of AED 1,275. Mid-end 1 Bedrooms in Dubai Marina will typically range in price from AED 800,000 – 1,050,000. As with studio apartments, the cheapest units are typically in the Manchester Tower (which also has about the smallest one bedroom you would find in the Marina). 1 Bedrooms in mid-end buildings sell for an average of AED 950,000 and rent for anywhere between AED 75,000 – 90,000 per year. Gross rental yields on these units average 8.9% per annum.

    Examples of Mid-end buildings are: Manchester Tower, Marina Diamonds 1 – 6, Marina Pinnacle, Marina Crown, Time Place, DEC Towers, MY Tower and the other low-rise developments located in the Western part of the development (Marina Park, Pearl etc.).

    High-end 1 Bedrooms: Average price per sq. ft. of AED 1,554. High-end 1 Bedrooms in the Marina will typically range in price from AED 1.15 – 1.6 million (average price of AED 1,375,000). Rentals for these types will range from AED 90,000 – 120,000. Units within the same development may have a significant difference in price mainly because in each building some views will be premium while others will have community / road views. A good example of this is the Majara development by Emaar, where a 1 Bedroom can cost as low as AED 1.25 and as high as AED 1.65 million. Average gross rental yields per annum for high-end 1 bedrooms is approximately 7.6%

    The majority of the buildings in Dubai Marina are graded as high-end. Examples of high-end buildings include Princess Tower, Elite Residence, Botanica, Torch Tower, Trident buildings, Bay Central, Al Majara, Park Island etc.

    Luxury 1 Bedrooms: Average price per sq. ft. of AED 1,767. Only two buildings in the Marina are graded as luxury – The First Six Towers and Marina Promenade, both by Emaar. Prices in these developments range from AED 1.65 – 2.15 million. Rental prices range from AED 115 – 145,000 per annum (gross rental yield of 6.8%). However, there are certain units within other developments (such as Sahab, Marina Quays, West Avenue) which are graded as high-end by but have units which command prices similar to these two luxury developments. In general, the First Six Towers & Marina Promenade consistently command the highest sale and rental prices (currently and historically). Buildings such as the First Six Towers don’t necessarily have the best quality finish, but luxury classifications are usually attained by other factors such as prestige, location and desirability. These two developments consistently retain the highest values and therefore are classified as luxury.

    Q3 2015 prices will be reflected across on the 1st of September, 2015. reports prices for nearly 70 master-developments every quarter.

  • Studios in Dubai Marina: Q3 2015 Review

     Aug 31 2015  Dubai Marina  Apartments  Emaar

    This is a snapshot summary which covers studios in Dubai Marina and their sale & rental prices, rental yields and average prices per sq ft.

    Mid-end Studios: The cheapest studios available in the Marina are in towers like Manchester Tower, DEC Towers, Marina Pinnacle, Marina Diamonds and the soon to be handed over MY Tower. Typically the lowest range of prices is found in Manchester Tower which also has probably the smallest studio size in Marina (around 340 – 350 sq. ft.) These kind of units can be purchased for as low as AED 600,000. In terms of rental yield, the Marina Diamonds (6 buildings) usually have among the lowest capital values (range from AED 700 - 750,000) and highest rental yields. The Marina Diamonds have good locations close to the Metro & Tram Stations and rent out easily. The average price per sq. ft. for a mid-end studio in the Marina is AED 1,400. Average rentals ranges between AED 60,000 – 75,000. Prices for this type remain steady from the last quarter. Average gross rental yield for a mid-end studio is around 9.6%.

    High-end Studios: studios in higher-end buildings are available in Botanica, Bay Central, Silverene Towers among others. Typically the sale prices for a high-end studio (depending on building and size) will range from AED 900,000 – 1.2 million. The average rental for a high-end studio ranges between AED 75,000 – 90,000. The average price per sq. ft. for a high-end studio in the Marina is AED 1,839 per sq. ft. Prices for this type remain steady from the last quarter. Average gross rental yield for a high-end studio is 7.8%.

    With over 90 real estate developments in the Marina, it may be hard to zero-in on an investment opportunity. To simplify this, we classify all buildings in the Marina by quality (mid-end, high-end and luxury). As a general rule of thumb, mid-end buildings offer the highest rental yields. Most of the mid-end buildings are located on the Western part of the Marina and along the Sheikh Zayed Road. Buildings classified as luxury typically do not have the studio option (First Six Towers, Marina Promenade, La Riviera).

    Q3 2015 prices will be reflected across on the 1st of September, 2015. reports prices for nearly 70 master-developments every quarter.

  • Buying or renting a studio apartment in Dubai Marina - March 2015

     Mar 03 2015  Dubai Marina  Apartments  Emaar

    This brief guide takes a closer look at the cost of buying or renting a studio in Dubai Marina as of March 2015. We explore quality, prices psf, transaction activity and value for money. publishes transaction prices for about 80 communities/projects across Dubai every quarter. For larger master communities like Dubai Marina, we classify buildings by quality and then display prices. In Marina, buildings are graded as Mid-end, High-end, Luxury and Ultra-Luxury.

    Mid-end buildings include Manchester Tower, DEC Tower, MY Tower, Marina Diamonds, Marina View Towers, Marina Park and Marina Pearl, Zumurud, Marina Crown, The Point etc. This list is not exhaustive.

    High-end buildings include the majority of buildings in Marina. Some examples: Mag 218, Bay Central, Botanica, Royal Oceanic, Skyview Tower, Silverene Towers, Cayan Tower, Al Majara complex, Al Sahab complex, Marina Quays, Trident buildings, Princess Tower, Elite Residence, Ocean View etc.

    Luxury classification: The First Six Towers, Marina Promenade and La Riviera Tower. None of the Luxury buildings have studios

    Ultra-Luxury classification: Address Dubai Marina.

    To see a full list of projects in Dubai Marina and filter them using various criteria, please click here.

    To learn more about grading buildings across Dubai, see our Methodology section. To read more about our surveyor notes in terms of classifying Marina's buildings, please click this link.

    For studios in Mid-end buildings, the current sale values range between AED 600 - 850,000. Typical built up areas range between 340 - 640 sq. ft. The current price psf of these buildings is between AED 1200 - 1700 psf. DEC Towers typically offers amongst the largest studios in Dubai (640 sq. ft.), but most mid-end buildings have sizes ranging between 400 - 450 sq. ft. Manchester Tower has the smallest studio in the community at 340 sq. ft. Current rental values for Mid-end buildings range between AED 60 - 75,000 per annum.

    For studios in High-end buildings, the current sale values range between 900,000 - 1.25 million. Typical sizes range from 520 - 630 sq. ft. and current price psf values range between AED 1570 - 2190. Current rental values range between AED 80 - 95,000 depending on the size, building and the view.

    The Address Dubai Marina is classified as Ultra-Luxury (see Methodology). Studio sizes are typically 548 sq. ft. Sale values range between AED 1.6 - 1.7 million (AED 3,000 psf). These studios would currently rent between AED 110 - 120,000 per annum.

    In terms of gross rental yield (i.e. not taking into account maintenance fees and other costs). Mid-end buildings - 9.3%, High-end buildings - 8%.

  • JBR Q4 2014 Review

     Jan 29 2015  Jumeirah Beach Residence  Apartments  Dubai Properties Group

    The below is a summary of the transaction values recorded in JBR for Q4 2014:

    Studios: average prices actually increased. There is a limited number of studios in JBR and are mainly available in the Murjan community and most have sea views. Because these units are a bit larger than a normal studio, they are many a time converted into 1 bedrooms. Transaction values fell between AED 1.35 - 1.45 million, an increase psf of 5%.

    1 Bedroom Sea Views: prices fell by 7%. Average transaction values range between AED 1.8 - 2.3 million.

    1 Bedroom Marina or partial views: values held steady with no growth or decline witnessed. Transactions range between AED 1.4 - 1.85 million.

    2 Bedroom Sea Views: values declined by more than 10%. Transactions range between AED 2.5 - 3.0 million.

    2 Bedroom Marina or partial views: values declined by 11%. Transactions range between AED 1.9 - 2.5 million.

    3 Bedroom Sea Views: values declined by 10%. Transactions range between AED 3.5 - 4.0 million.

    3 Bedroom Marina or partial views: values declined by 5.4%. Transactions range between AED 2.5 - 3.0 million.

    There are a number of factors that affect prices in JBR, but the most important consideration is the view of the unit. However, not all sea views or partial views are the same. The quality of the view plays a major part in determining value.

    Other factors affecting prices include whether the unit is rented or tenanted, any upgrades done and which cluster the building is located in (Bahar, Amwaj, Rimal etc).

    As the market is generally slower, the lower priced units have transacted and may skew the report of the community. Many owners are not selling and maintaining their asking prices.

    JBR's fundamentals are absolutely strong. The opening of the tram, though not very well received by residents of the Marina and JBR community (as reported in the media) is still a plus point in the long-term. Congestion of the area will only grow as occupancy rates average over 90% in the district. New projects are opening up and Blue Water Island is also under-construction. The area is a retail and tourist hot-spot and that also contributes to congestion, but also the viability, visibility and prestige of the district.

    Another important trend to note is that values for the studios and 1 bedrooms declined only slightly as these types of properties are popular with investors. 2 and 3 bedroom units are typically an end-user property and that segment of the market has softened. These types of buyers will hunt for value and thus we have recorded lower transactions.

    To put prices in perspective, the values we are now seeing are the same as they were in Q4 2013 - which is right about the time the Expo 2020 was announced.

    The sources of the data provided are: reviewing land department transactions and interviews with home-owners, investors and estate agents operating in the area.

  • JBR Shams 1

     Aug 09 2014  Jumeirah Beach Residence  Apartments  Dubai Properties Group

    This building was purchased by an investor a few years back; it appears the entire building is available for sale and is being marketed by a couple of real estate agencies in Dubai.

    The units available are 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom simplex condominiums and a handful of loft apartments.

    Some of the units are also available as fully furnished.

    The views available are courtyard, partial marina, full marina, partial sea and full sea view.

    1 Bedrooms range in size from 1182 - 1200 sq. ft. and have prices pf ranging from AED 1,733 - 1943.

    2 Bedrooms range in size from 1274 - 1376 sq. ft. and have prices pf ranging from AED 1,875 - 2,243 psf

    3 Bedrooms have minimum sizes of 1,884 sq. ft. and prices psf are as low as AED 1,500 psf to 1,658 psf

    The 3 bedrooms are priced at around the current transaction value in JBR, while the 1 & 2 bedrooms are slightly above the market. However, as these units are either furnished or vacant - they do command a slight premium in a community which has very high occupancy rates.

  • Select Group selling remaining units in brand new West Avenue Tower

     Aug 02 2014  Dubai Marina  Apartments  Emaar

    West Avenue Tower which was launched in 2008 is now ready for handover. Select Group, the developer, is selling some remaining stock directly to clients.

    The developer has studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms for sale.

    Studio sizes are 460 sq. ft. and selling for AED 1,194,000 (only one unit left) - a price psf of AED 2,600

    There are two types of 2 bedrooms the developer is selling. SZR view 2 bedrooms have a built up area of 1,288 sq. ft. and are selling for prices ranging from AED 2.8 - 2.85 million (approximately 2170 - 2200 psf).

    The two bedrooms facing the Marina have a price point of AED 3,060,000 (AED 2,375 psf)

    The tower is located right on Sheikh Zayed Road and is walking distance to both the Dubai Marina Mall and the metro station. We would consider it one of the best quality buildings on the that particular line of developments in Marina right off Sheikh Zayed Road.

    This building has an excellent location but in term of quality we have graded it as a high-end building. The prices the developer is charging falls in the range of the luxury developments in Marina (such as the First Six Towers of the Marina Promenade).

  • Marina Gate: new project in a prime location by Select Group in Dubai Marina

     Apr 30 2014  Dubai Marina  Apartments  Emaar

    In April 2014, Select Group launched Marina Gate which is a 3 building complex that is to be developed on one of the prime plots of the Dubai Marina community.

    The plot is located next to the iconic first six towers and in the same vicinity as the 'tallest block in the world'. The marina facing apartments will have some of the most stunning views in the entire community.

    The first tower to be announced is Tower 1, which is offering 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments at prices ranging from AED 1,750 - 2,200 psf. The 2 bedroom marina facing apartment were the most popular in the first few days following launch.

    The developer is marketing this project as 'The Residences at Marina Gate' - which perhaps implies that one of the two remaining towers might be a hotel or hotel serviced apartments. Delivery of the project is scheduled for Q1 2017.

    Going by other Select Group developments, we have currently classified this building as high-end, though we might revise its classification to 'Luxury' further down the line. The price range of these apartments falls more towards the luxury classificaiton of Marina (AED 1,930 - 2,340 psf as of Q1 2014).

  • JBR: Q1 2014 Review and Q2 2014 Outlook

     Mar 25 2014  Jumeirah Beach Residence  Apartments  Dubai Properties Group

    The demand for apartments - both rental and sale for JBR is on the rise and one of the main reasons for this is the opening of The Beach - the new retail strip along the beach. This area was a construction site for almost two years and received a lot of criticism for cramming yet another mall into a pedestrian friendly area and public beach.

    However, now that the project is complete - it is receiving all round praise for delivering a retail area which adds to the rich atmosphere of JBR. The Beach is a retail strip with large open spaces, cafes, restaurants and an indoor and outdoor cinema.

    For this reason as well as the continued construction of the tram and further beautification of JBR through walkways, plantations etc. the number of properties on the market are hard to come by, and buyers have to pay a premium to buy any type of unit let alone a sea facing condominium.

    We expect demand to grow for this area - and we expect buyers - especially foreign buyers looking for a holiday home - to continue meeting those higher prices.

    JBR Prices appreciated about 6.5% in the last quarter. Rental yields are at 6% (without calculating maintenance fees). The price psf in this community ranges from AED 1480 - 2000 psf depending on the view of the unit - and these can be explored in more detail by viewing the Property Types section of JBR.


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