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  • Jumeirah Lake Towers Q2 2017 Update

     Jul 04 2017  Jumeirah Lake Towers  Apartments  DMCC

    The best deals for studios and 1 beds in JLT are currently in Wind Tower 1 & 2 – which is expected to be delivered in late 2017. Over here studios can be purchased for around AED 500,000 on average (for a good deal). 1 Bedrooms . These units will offer strong rental yields however the only draw backs are that the purchase has to be in cash and the building delivery may be changed.

    Studios in the decent or high quality buildings in JLT will range from AED 680,000 – 800,000. Current rental prices are AED 50,000 – 65,000 per annum.

    Studios and 1 bedrooms are the most popular unit types for investors looking for rental income. The most popular good quality buildings for investors looking for rental income in JLT are: Lake Terrace, Lake View, GoldCrest Views 2, Concorde Tower, Lake Shore Tower, Saba Towers, GoldCrest Executive etc.

    The cheapest units (and therefore potentially offering higher rental yields) are in the following buildings like Icon Tower 1 & 2, New Dubai Gate 2, Lake Point Tower etc.

    Current prices for mid-quality 1 bedrooms in JLT can range from AED 870,000 – 1,150,000. The units in this range will rent for between AED 67,000 – 85,000.

    The 1 bedrooms in high quality buildings like Green Lake Towers, Madina Tower, Sheraa Towers etc. typically range from AED 1,300,000 – 1,450,000. These high-end one bedrooms will rent for AED 90,000 – 100,000 per annum.

    Almost all buildings in JLT have 2 and 3 bedrooms and for the most part are transacted mainly by end-users. The highest quality units are typically in Green Lake Towers, Al Seef 2 & 3, Madina Tower, GoldCrest Views 2, V3 Tower, Shera Tower. Buildings like these offer end-users excellent value for money especially when compared to units in Dubai Marina when compared with price, price per sq. ft., unit sizes and value for money.

    For more information on purcashing in JLT, please contact +971.50.708.6765

  • Wind Tower in JLT: Apartments for sale at exceptional prices

     Oct 19 2015  Wind Tower 1  Apartments  HABN

    There are currently a limited number of units available for sale in Wind Tower 1 & 2, Jumeirah Lake Towers Cluster B.

    Wind Towers is one of the few remaining under-construction projects in the mature Jumeirah Lake Towers community. With full frontage along Sheikh Zayed Road, Wind Towers rises 30 towers and will consist of both apartments and office space.

    The project faced a lot of delays before being taken over by another developer in 2013. Construction has progressed quite rapidly since, and delivery is expected in Q3 or Q4 of 2016.

    There are currently a few studios available for sale at AED 1,200 per sq. ft. Net sizes of 481 - 527 sq. ft. Prices range from AED 538,000 - AED 581,000.

    There are also a number of duplex 1 bedroom apartments for sale at AED 1,150 per sq. ft. Net sizes range from 600 - 678 sq. ft. Selling prices range from AED 684,000 - 788,000.

    75% of the purchase price is payable now. 5% is payable in January 2016. 10% payable in March 2016. The final installment of 10% is payable on handover (officially scheduled for July 2016).

  • Studio apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers: Q3 2015 Review

     Sep 15 2015  Jumeirah Lake Towers  Apartments  DMCC

    Sale and capital values for studios in JLT remain quite consistent over the last quarter. Prices for studios in JLT range from AED 620,000 to 800,000 (decline of 3% over Q2 2015). Rental prices are holding steady.

    There are currently some excellently priced studios available off-plan in the Wind Tower which is in an advanced stage of construction and delivery is expected in 2016. In the Wind Tower, buyers can purchase small studios (350 – 400 sq. ft.) for between AED 450 – 500,000.

    In JLT we differentiate buildings by quality. Most of the buildings within JLT are graded as mid-end and only a few have a high-end classification. In general, the high-end buildings in JLT do not have studios.

    Sizes for studios across JLT will typically range from 400 – 577 sq. ft.

    Factors affecting prices are: (a) the building’s proximity to the metro-station (b) size (c) view (d) furnished.

    There is little consistency in prices found in JLT, but in general the buildings of Lake Terrace, Saba Towers, Indigo Tower, O2 Residence have the highest capital values.

  • Jumeirah Lake Towers Office Market Snapshot Q4 2014

     Dec 09 2014  Jumeirah Lake Towers  Offices  DMCC

    Office space in JLT is Graded either Class A or B.

    Examples of Grade A buildings include: Gold Tower, Silver Tower, Platinum Tower, HDS. Jumeirah Business Centers etc.

    Examples of Grade B buildings include: Mazaya Business Avenue, Armada Towers, Fortune, The Dome etc.

    Current price range in JLT for all grades of office space ranges from AED 770 - 1,275 psf. This is typically for a shell and core unit; though this range does include units with basic fit-outs.

    Current Rental range in JLT for all grades of office space ranges from: AED 65 - 120 psf

  • Bobyan Tower: Hotel Serviced Apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers

     Apr 27 2014  Jumeirah Lake Towers  Apartments  DMCC

    This tower was completed as an office building but in 2013, the developer decided to convert it into hotel serviced apartments. Since then, two agencies in Dubai have been marketing these hotel serviced apartments at prices ranging from AED 1700 - 1800 psf. The payment plan of the unit is 40% down and 60% on completion (expected in Q4 2014 or Q1 2015).

    Tower seems to have certain advantages: a) it is right on the belt of JLT facing Sheikh Zayed Road. b) walking distance to metro-station. c) building is completed, only internal renovation work is ongoing.

    We see a lot of demand for hotel serviced apartments across Dubai and especially in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Currently there are only 3 hotels/hotel serviced apartment buildings: Bonnington Tower, Movenpick and Liwa Heights. All enjoy high occupancy rates. Bonnington Tower sale prices (as of Q1 2014) range from AED 2000 - 2200 psf.

    As of the publishing of this post, we are unaware of whom the hotel operator will be for this building. More information on Bobyan Tower can be found in its section on Lookup.ae.

  • Jumeirah Lake Towers: Classifying the buildings by quality

     Feb 07 2014  Jumeirah Lake Towers  Apartments  DMCC

    The simple way to show prices for JLT Residential would be to show one trend line with an average price of the apartments. However, this is not an ideal way to differentiate the many buildings in the community and to get a proper feel for what exactly has been and is going on in the community in terms of price points. Therefore, we have gone ahead and classified these buildings by quality but this is not always the most exact of sciences.

    Developer and project reputation, desirability, demand, sizes of the units, quality of the lobby and facilities are all taken into account. In terms of pricing, we also see clear trends in terms of some buildings falling within a particular price range consistently whilst the more desirable buildings have much higher prices.

    In Jumeirah Lake Towers all residential buildings fall into either the Mid-end or the High-end category. There are no buildings classified as luxury or ultra-luxury as has been done in the Marina.

    Examples of Mid-end buildings are Icon Towers, Lake Terrace, Saba Towers, Aramada Towers, Gold Crest Executive 2, Lake Point etc.

    Examples of High-end buildings are Green Lake Towers, Seef Towers, Al Shera Tower, Madina Tower, Bonnington Tower etc.


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