Jan 09 2020   | Source: Khaleej Times 

Dubai among world's top 10 cities for 2020: Report

Dubai reigns the Resonance Consultancy's latest ranking of best world cities for 2020. Grabbing title of No. 1 Best City in the Middle East and Africa, Dubai has also moved up to the sixth rank from last year's ninth position in the 10 World's Best Cities for 2020.

North America-based tourism, city and real estate advisors Resonance Consultancy ranked the world's best cities with populations of over a million. The rankings are based on 22 areas grouped into six core categories - Place, Product, People, Prosperity, Programming and Promotion.

Abu Dhabi came close grabbing the 14th spot among 25 World's Best Cities for 2020. 

In the latest report, researchers say "perpetually expanding and setting global records, Dubai rises from the golden sands like a mirage". The report ranks Dubai at No. 3 in Place category and states "The UAE's president designated 2019 as the Year of Tolerance, and perhaps no other city in the emirates is as religiously open, socially liberal and future-forward as Dubai". 

Announcing the rankings, Dubai Media Office wrote on their official Twitter account: "#Dubai, the Mideast's highest-ranking city has inspired other regional capitals to reach for the sky. The emirate comes in at #2 in the world in our Deep Place category, for which we look at influential factors like Crime Rate, Neighborhoods & Landmarks'.

World's best cities for 2020 

1-London, England

2-New York, United States

3-Paris, France

4-Tokyo, Japan

5-Moscow, Russia

6-Dubai, UAE

7-Singapore, Republic of Singapore

8-Barcelona, Spain

9-Los Angeles, US

10-Rome, Italy

11-San Francisco



14-Abu Dhabi  

Source: Khaleej Times

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