May 22 2019   | Source: International Investments 

Holborn Assets adds new property division

The launch has been added to the Holborn range of services as a new bespoke investment tool, to help build clients retirement portfolios, but is also targetted to wealthy middle east and Asian investors who may wish to take advantage of the weakened sterling. 

The new offering represents a useful diversification to Holborn's wealth managers income streams, adding to the investment options already available in-house by the Dubai-based group. 

“The UK remains a very attractive market for investors, especially those offshore who benefit from the weak sterling caused by Brexit uncertainty" - Robert Parker, CEO of Holborn Assets 

With an exclusive range of developments and investment strategies, Holborn Property said in a statement that it looks to appeal to "not just seasoned investors but also first-time buyers". 

Andrew Pigott, operations head of Holborn Assets Property division, said: "Our bespoke service is designed with the client in mind. The properties we offer are carefully selected by our in-house experts to bring exciting investment opportunities to clients in the UK and abroad."

Currently the focus is on property in the North West (pictured left is the Middlewood Plaza development in Manchester) and the Midlands, two locations which have become increasingly desirable thanks to government investment, continued development and economic growth, Holborn said.

Robert Parker, pictured above, CEO of Holborn Assets said: "The UK remains a very attractive market for investors, especially those offshore who benefit from the weak sterling caused by Brexit uncertainty."

Tareq Samaha, global property sales manager, at Holborn said: "House prices in the North West increased faster than anywhere else in the UK last year and projections from Savills suggest this is a trend we can expect to continue."

Property value in the North West has increased by 4% over 12 months, followed by 2.9% and 1.6% in the West and East Midlands respectively according to figures from the UK House Price Index February 2019 report by the Office of National Statistics.

Holborn added that thanks to lower initial investments compared to London, a growing number of investors are turning their attention to the North with rental yields in the region are some of the best in the country with Manchester at 7% and Liverpool at nearly 10%.

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Holborn Assets adds new property division

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