Jan 29 2019   | Source: Dubai Land Department 

DLD launches its real estate promotion plan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 29 January 2019:Dubai Land Department (DLD) launched its real estate promotion plan for the Real Estate Investment Promotion Investment Management Sector during a press conference held today in the presence of HE Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of DLD.


During the conference, Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the Real Estate Investment Promotion Investment Management Sector at DLD, discussed the activities that feature 20 different exhibitions, conferences, and events in 10 major countries, including the UAE, KSA, Egypt, France, the USA, Canada, China, the UK, India, and Germany.


Bin Mejren stressed that the selection of countries was based on specific criteria, most notably the activities of the investors who hold nationalities from these countries, especially as they are considered the most interested in the real estate market in Dubai; DLD is eager to reach them and work on their happiness.


Bin Mejren added: “This year has already been an active year for us after having received a huge delegation from the USA and Singapore. These activities will continue throughout the year to progress upon the success we achieved in previous years. There are many aspects that deserve to be highlighted in our real estate market, which will help us achieve the desired results. Dubai remains at the forefront for global investors, positioning Dubai as the world's premier real estate destination and a byword for innovation, trust, and happiness.


Bin Mejren affirmed that DLD’s efforts highlight its commitment to the third of the eight principles of governance in Dubai, which is to strengthen Dubai's position as the global capital of economy and a platform to create economic opportunities while improving people's lives. DLD is also committed to the sixth principle to avoid dependence on one source by diversifying the national income sources.


Majida Ali Rashid illustrated the close cooperation between the sector, developers, and brokers, emphasising in her speech that DLD will make every effort to promote Dubai's real estate and take advantage of all possible methods by participating in major international events everywhere.


She added: “We are delighted to organise this meeting to brief our partners about our real estate promotional plan, while emphasising the significant role played by our colleagues in local and international media to highlight the various activities we organise, reflecting our transparent approach to communicate with relevant parties. This is to promote real estate investment and attract foreign direct investment to boost the various economic sectors."

The agenda will include the International Property Show (IPS) in Cairo and Jeddah; round tables for investors in Africa, Europe, and a number of GCC countries to review the real estate investment opportunities in Dubai, and bilateral meetings that will be held between investors and real estate developers. DLD will also participate in the 30th edition of MIPIM, an international event hosted by the French city Cannes every March, focussing on exhibitions, participation and networking activities, four-day dialogue sessions, and a conference.


In addition, DLD will participate in the Dubai Property Festival, the Asian Real Estate Association of America, the Annual Investment Forum in Dubai, Cityscape Global 2019, the London Property Investor Show, the London Real Estate Forum, the 19th Luxury Properties Showcase, and the Beijing Overseas Property & Investment Show as well as in other activities in Germany, the USA, and the UAE among others. 


As part of its strategy, DLD has carefully selected a some leading exhibitions, seminars, and conferences around the world, contributing to the growth of the market, improving its performance, and promoting Dubai's real estate development investment opportunities.


DLD’s promotional plans aim to embrace the diverse international market, provide the best marketing solutions for developers and brokers, and help all parties acquire knowledge of various trends. This will lead to the formulation of solutions through the adoption of the best methodologies and technical advantages, while adopting suggestions to build a long relationship with individuals and every professional sector. These events, additionally, help to establish MoUs that will drive the growth of the real estate sector.


To meet the increasing demand for real estate in Dubai that coincides with the diverse lifestyle options and trends associated with Dubai's real estate, investors are provided a great platform to easily choose their properties and for the interest of buyers looking to invest in the city to grow.




About Dubai Land Department:

Dubai Land Department (DLD) was founded in January 1960 to establish the most prominent real estate sector in the Middle East and the world. It provides outstanding and integrated services to all its customers while developing the necessary legislation to propel the real estate sector in Dubai through the regulation of the sector, organising and promoting real estate investments, and spreading industry knowledge in search of regional and worldwide real estate innovation. 

DLD seeks regional and worldwide innovation in real estate with the aid of its activesectors that include real estate registration services, real estate investment promotions, and corporate support, and with the aidof its active organisations that include the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the Dubai Real Estate Institute, and the Rental Dispute Centre.


Unified Toll FreeNumber: 

In order forDubai Land Department to provide the best possible service in a rapid mannerand to ensure the comfort and happiness of our customers, it has activated a new toll-free call centre number [8004488]. This can be used for all Dubai Land Department and Rental Disputes Centre enquiries.

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