Jun 07 2018   | Source: gulfnews.com 

Look: Dubai’s new iPod building

The city of Dubai is never one to shun from innovative ideas and groundbreaking projects.

In the latest development project taking shape in Dubai, a smart building that is set to open in 2018 will be resembling an iPod.

Designed by James Law of James Law Cybertecture from Hong Kong, the 26-storey building in Business Bay has been dubbed The Pad. It was not only inspired by the Apple iPod, but also scales up to the form of an iPod to a building scale.

On Law’s website, the building was said to have been designed as “a new type of architecture which takes on board the technological advances available currently to allow inhabitants to program their own software for their building”.

The philosophy to this new type of architecture is called Cybertecture.

The residential building, located in Business Bay, won out from a competition against Foster and Partners, as well as Zaha Hadid Architects.

According to James Law Cybertecture’s profile, The Pad has 256 apartments ranging from studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, and one to three bedroom duplexes overlooking the Dubai Canal.

Its structure is inclined at 6.5 degrees as a leaning tower as a design reference to the original iPod device leaning when standing in its charging dock.

Inside the building, the interiors have a range of technologies including biometric locks, mood lighting, voice control and mirrors that can monitor your health.

The Pad is the first example of a Cybertecture building that uses architecture and technology to give a wide range of living possibilities for residents. Construction began in 2007, but was in 2009. The project then restarted in 2013, and is scheduled to be completed in 2018.


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