Jun 03 2018   | Source: zawya.com 

Launching of Jaizer social network platform and real estate advertising in Dubai

J Group, a market leader in real estate marketing and advertising, has launched, its first unique stage, “Jaizer” social networking and real estate advertising platform, during a special Ramadan souhour function that was held in Palace Hotel Dubai, in the presence of the respected media personality Mr George Kordahi, and interested parties from the real estate, marketing and advertising world.

Mr. Kordahi welcomed the guests, highlighting the importance of social networking, emphasising on the proper and professional marketing and advertising platforms, that address and respect people’s mind and taste, which is a necessity in such an environment. Then Dr. Habib Hammoud, the director of J Group, spoke about the circumstances that led to the establishment of the Group, that combined both the media and advertising experience with the real estate world, in which the company combined the audio/visual need for such advertising, thus, “Jaizer” platform, was born to serve the advertiser, as well as the developer and both the buyer and seller. Dr. Hammoud added that the launching of this platform will have a very positive impact on both, the social media as well as the promising marketing and advertising fields.

Dr. Hammoud, explained in details, that the new site plan will be something innovative and creative, by producing an inexpensive way for easy advertisement, that respects all the ethics of advertising, which makes it very easy for the companies to understand and use, especially in the UAE, which is considered with the government support, to be the capital of media and marketing in the region, where the country’s share in the marketing/advertising shall reach in 2018, according to the estimations of the Arabic Media report 2016-2018, which was published at Dubai Media City, about 8 billion dirhams, “2.2 billion US dollars”.

Mr. Ayham Gebara, CEO, of J Group , spoke about the importance of the Group, and it’s participation in so many similar activities and seminars during this year through the strategic partner “Business Gate”, which is supervised by Mrs. Leila Rahal, the International Relationship Manager of J Group, in creating more local and abroad platforms, because Dubai is expected to attract more local and abroad investors, on one side, and on the other side, to take our local advertisement into the international arena through the abroad platforms as well as the exhibitions that are organised by J Group in cooperation with”Business Gate”.

Mr Gebara, added, the “Jaizer” platform will work as bridge and link to build the trust and confidence, between various companies to increase their sales and to also build the trust and the proper communication between the companies and their customers and consumers through social networking platforms, to obtain consumer honest and open opinion, so companies can develop and improve their products to meet consumer needs.

Mr. Gebara then, presented a very detailed explanation about “Jaizer”.

At the end, he reassured all guests that all future platforms will address the importance of social networking in conjunction with marketing and advertising, because they form the cornerstone and the backbone of the future business communication.


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