Lookup.ae Research FAQs - Lookup.ae

Understand the various methodologies and criteria applied by Lookup.ae for gathering data such as current and historical sale and rental prices, occupancy rates, transaction activity, rental yields etc.

The majority of the content you see on Lookup.ae is through the following sources: 

- Lookup.ae Network – specialist estate agents 

- Real Estate Developer Network 

- Media Reports 

- Interviews with other real estate agents & market executives 

- On-ground surveys conducted by our team 

- Review of periodical journals; research reports by credible sources.

- Land Department Transaction records 

At Lookup.ae we are intent to credit / re-direct to content creators and major news sources. If you are aware of any copyrighted material not sourced correctly, please contact info@lookup.ae immediately. We would expect nothing less for content that we produce. 

Lookup.ae reports prices & transaction information for freehold apartments, villas & townhouses in Dubai every quarter. We track a basket of 35 major freehold communities / districts of Dubai which gives us the correct mixture of property types, quality and locations. 

In these major communities of Dubai, we monitor:

  • Typical transaction price range
  • Typical sizes of units
  • Reporting on prices by project / unit grade
  • Typical Rental price range
  • Change in capital / rental values
  • We also provide this data historically

Expectations: Prices are updated within the first 10 days of a quarter. We take these major community statistics and provide you with analytical tools to understand them better.

- The Lookup.ae database currently has information on over 1,000 freehold projects in the city. The projects that we highlight in the Investment Hotspots section  are those areas that have interesting or attractive investment feasibility. 

- We grade projects against each other using various criteria (Location, Uniqueness, Value for money, Capital Growth Expectation and Rental Yield Expectation). All the graded projects are presented in the Investment Hotspots section where you can use filters to organize investment opportunities by price per sq. ft., payment-plans, construction status and comparison scores. 

- Comparison Scores are revised periodically and are meant to be used to compare the recommended projects against each other.

There are currently 2,892 downloads available on Lookup.ae 

We believe this is the largest trove of brochures, floor-plans and other real estate related content available in the market at the click of a mouse. All downloads on Lookup.ae are water-mark free. 

- As of November 2016: there are 17,384 images available on Lookup.ae 

- A vast majority of images available on Lookup.ae are photographed by our in-house team. We take great pride in the pictures we take and do not spoil them with excessive watermarks. 

- Our community surveyors often take pictures of off-plan projects several times a year so that you can monitor construction progress. 

- Images associated with our Media Watch / News section are typically taken from the media source from which the news was reported on. 

- We request you to respect our copyright. Please email info@lookup.ae if you are seeking permission to use our pictures.