The 4 best value propositions for 4 bedroom villas or townhouses in Dubai - Feb 2015

February 19 2015
By Lookup.Ae Sales

In this edition, we explore some great value buying opportunities for 4 bedroom villas / townhouses in Dubai at the moment. The following are our picks based on research. All view-points, analysis and opinions expressed are at's editorial discretion.

1. JVC Nakheel 4 Bedroom Villas

Where is it located 90 villas in the center of Jumeirah Village Circle
Developer Nakheel
Status Handover expected in just 2 – 3 months (May or June 2015)
Current Prices Range from between AED 3.3 – 3.6 M, depending on the location
Current Price psf AED 900 – 985 psf
Sizes and general info There are two circular 'belts' of villas – internal and outer. The internal row faces a large park. Built up areas are a standard 3,652 sq. ft. Plot sizes range from 5,400 – 6,000 sq. ft. However, most of the plots are 5,400 – 5,500 sq. ft.
Why it's a good buy These 4 bedroom villas were announced in 2012 and were the first project launched by Nakheel after the 2009 financial crisis. Original prices ranged from AED 2.8 – 3.1 M (AED 780 – 850 per sq. ft.).

At current prices, these units are probably the cheapest 4 bedroom independent villas in freehold Dubai..

Initial site visits indicate that the quality is much better than expected. has posted pictures here..

Buyers looking to purchase in this project are buying on the secondary market, and therefore are paying premiums on the original price. Out of the 90 odd villas sold back in 2012, only a handful are available for re-sale at the moment..

When sold in 2012, Nakheel sold the units on two payment plans. Therefore, some units are currently 40% paid, while others are 60% paid. Either way, there is a payment of 205 due on handover and at least one or two payments are to be made by purchasers after completion..

The rental yield on these villas is going to be healthy – expected to be about AED 200,000 per annum at minimum..

Because this is a small project (only 90 villas), take up should be fairly rapid and there is no threat of an over-supply..

The villa market in JVC is limited. The only other villas in this community are the 2 bedroom independent villas (also by Nakheel) in District 16, all of which were delivered in 2013..
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2. Mudon Townhouses

Where is it located Al Qudra Road / Dubai By-pass Road. It is located next to Akoya by Damac and opposite the road to other developments such as Waha, Liwan and Dubai Sustainable City.
Developer Dubai Properties Group.
Status Handover for parts of Phase 1 have already commenced and will continue through 2015. Phase 2 handovers are expected to commence in 2016 through 2017.
Current Prices Phase 1: Range from between AED 3.1 – 3.5 M, depending on the location and seller motivation.

Phase 2: Dubai Properties Group is selling townhouses directly at prices from AED 2.4 – 2.6 M
Current Price psf AED 850 – 920 psf Phase 1 ready
AED 650 – 700 psf Phase 2 under-construction. On Payment Plan.
Sizes and general info Middle townhouses have built up areas of 3,786 sq. ft. and corner units have built up areas of 3,808 sq. ft. Plot sizes range from 3,200 – 3,500 sq. ft.
Why it's a good buy The best value for money for 4 bedroom townhouses in Dubai. Buyers/investors have the option to buy ready or off-plan.

Ready units rent for between AED 190,000 – 210,000.

Units have a good quality finish and are well planned. Built up areas are concentrated towards internal layout and there is minimum wastage. 

Al Qudra Road is a real estate hot-spot. As the city grows, new housing developments / projects are targeted in this area and towards Dubai Bypass Road. Projects such as Akoya, Arabian Ranches Phase 2, Dubai Lifestyle City, Dubai Sustainable City, Dubai Golf City are all under-construction along Al Qudra.
Drawbacks Perception of being 'far away' from the main city. This perception will continue just as once areas like Dubai Marina, Discovery Gardens, Arabian Ranches etc. were thought to be too far off the city center. The city is growing and therefore, expansion is only natural.

However, maturity of the area will take time. Mudon is in the vicinity of a number of other projects which are mostly under-development. Mudon itself will be an area experiencing construction for at least another 24 months.

Lack of public services, amenities in the area.
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3. Legacy Nova

Where is it located An enclave within Jumeirah Park
Developer Nakheel
Status Currently under-construction, handover expected in late 2016 at earliest.
Current Prices Range from between AED 4.1 – 4.2 M, depending on the location
Current Price psf AED 980 – 1020 psf
Sizes and general info These villas have a built up area of 4,154 sq. ft. Total built up area including terraces are 4,893 sq. ft. Plot sizes on average are 5,400 – 5,600 sq. ft. Very few plots are larger than the average.
Why it's a good buy These villas were sold by Nakheel in 2013 at prices ranging from AED 3.95 – 4.05 M (prices psf ranged between AED 950 – 970 psf). These prices then peaked in January 2015 at AED 4.4 – 4.6 M. Since then, prices have corrected. While the majority of the owners appear to be looking for premiums ranging from 7 – 10% including Oqood on the original price, there are a number of units available for sale at premiums as low as 1 – 3%.

While the overall market is softening, ready villas in mature neighboring communities like Meadows and Jumeirah Park are still ranging in price (psf) of AED 1,350 – 1,550.

We believe that once complete, these units will be valued at around AED 1,200 psf.

Financing is available on these properties – even though they are off-plan.

Construction has gathered momentum and the structures of many belts within the community are now visible.

All Nova units are now 50% paid.
Drawbacks There may be delays in delivery. The project may be delivered in 2017.

Smaller plot sizes than the rest of Jumeirah Park. These units are being built on what was previously planned to be 3 bedroom villas. Since the units have a slightly larger footprint, the backyard may be smaller.
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Compare Legacy Nova to 4 Bedroom Villa in Jumeirah Park

4. Casa, Arabian Ranches

Where is it located 253 villas located right behind Arabian Ranches, Al Qudra Road.
Developer Emaar
Status Handover commencing within 1 – 2 months.
Current Prices Range from between AED 4.1 – 4.4 M, depending on the location and seller motivation.
Current Price psf AED 1,180 – 1,250 psf
Sizes and general info Casa has three types of 3 bedrooms and three types of 4 bedrooms. The 4 bedrooms range in size between 3,383 – 3,609 sq. ft. Plot sizes range between 4,500 – 5,500 (some have larger plots).
Why it's a good buy Emaar project – perception wise that does impact a property more favorably.

It is right behind Arabian Ranches, and Casa as well as the other enclaves of Arabian Ranches Phase 2 will eventually be merged into Ranches.

Ready 4 bedroom in Arabian Ranches (not the luxury enclaves like Hattan, La Avenida, Mirador La Collecion etc), range in price between AED 4.8 – 6.0 M. The average transaction price psf for 4 bedrooms in Ranches (in Mirador, Terra Nova, Al Mahra and Alvorado) range between AED 1,330 – 1,380 psf.

Considering the above, Casa units are cheaper to buy and they have the advantage of being brand new.

There are some sellers who are looking to dispose their properties for very low premiums even though handovers are approaching. Opportunistic buyers ready to hold for the mid-term may be able to purchase below AED 1,200 PSF, meaning they will realize gains as Ranches Phase 2 matures.

Expected rental on these villas would be between AED 230 – 250,000 per annum.
Drawbacks Casa is just one of five enclaves in Ranches Phase 2 and is the first to be handed over. There will be construction activity in the vicinity for at least 2 years.

On the upside, Casa had the lowest original price of all the enclaves in Ranches Phase 2 as it was the first to be launched.
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Buy, rent or sell property in Casa, Arabian Ranches II

3 & 4 bedroom villas recently handed over. Emaar community. Close to community retail area.

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