Miraclz Tower by Danube – Next to Miracle Gardens Arjan - Investor Guide

November 09 2016
By Lookup.Ae Sales

What follows is an investment feasibility on the new Danube project called Miraclz, located in Arjan. The investment advisor network on Lookup.ae consider this one of the best buying opportunities in Dubai today.

Overview and Background

Danube is a conglomerate with various business interests but specifically towards construction materials & furniture. In 2014, the company set up a real estate development arm called Danube Properties and have till date launched 5 projects:

Dreamz, Al Furjan: 3 & 4 bedroom townhouses. Handing over in January 2017. Advanced stage of construction.

Glitz 1 & 2, Studio City: studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments. Handing over in Dec 2018. Advanced stage of construction.

Glitz 3, Studio City: studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments. Handing over in March 2018. Construction on ground-level.

Ritz, Al Furjan: fully furnished studio, 1 and 2 beds. Handing over in late 2018. Piling work ongoing.

Glamz, in Al Furjan; fully furnished studio, 1 and 2 beds. Handing over in late 2018. Piling work ongoing.

Strong brand developed

The developer has been successful for the following reasons:

  •  Offering mid-end priced units with a high-end finish
  •  Innovative payment-plan; allowing customers to pay 1% a month for 75 months after the two down-payments. Danube can be considered a trend-setter on post-completion payment-plans.
  •  Actually demonstrating to the client what they will own; built to scale show apartments reedy to view.
  •  Fairly rapid construction progress on previously launched projects.
  •  A good buying experience. No lines, flexible hours and a helpful sales team.

New Project Launch

  •  A new Danube project, called Miraclz Tower has just opened-up for sale.
  •  This is a high-rise development, over 30 storeys high and offering fully furnished studio, one and two bedroom units.
  •  Apartments in the building will have either views of Arjan / Mohammad bin Zayed Road or Dubai Miracle Garden – one of Dubai’s unique tourist destinations.
  •  The Payment-Plan is going to be 10% down, 15% after 60 days and then 1% a month for 75 months.

About Arjan

  •  This is one of the best located communities in Dubai. It is located at the intersection of Umm Suqeim Road and Mohammad bin Zayed Road. The master-developer is Dubai Holdings and they are responsible for infrastructure and community planning.
  •  Private developers purchased (and continue to purchase) land for residential or commercial developments.
  •  Arjan currently has about 10 completed projects while another 8 – 10 are under various stages of construction.
  •  There is currently some infrastructure development activity taking place

Expected Response

  •  Many buyers are eagerly awaiting Danube’s new launch.
  •  The developer has built up a strong brand through incredibly large marketing budgets as well as the other factors noted above.
  •  We estimate that over 35% of bookings for the previous project (Glamz, Al Furjan) where from overseas clients.
  •  We expect the entire building to sell out within a 3-week period from launch.

Price Ranges for apartments

This a rough range for pricing in the building.

Studios AED 450,000 – 520,000
1 Bedroom AED 770,000 – 850,000
2 Bedroom AED 1.1 – 1.25 M

Your rent pays almost half the property cost

The payment-plan which is 10% Down, 15% after 60 days and then 1% a month for 75 months means that by the time you get your apartment, you would have paid about 52% of the total value. The remaining 48% (48 monthly payments of 1% each) will be paid off almost entirely by rental income.

Current rental prices in Arjan are as follows:

Studios AED 45,000 – 60,000
1 Bedroom AED 65,000 – 80,000
2 Bedroom AED 80,000 – 120000

In addition the investor hold a more unique asset (a fully furnished unit with optimum space utilization.

Learn more

Miraclz Tower - fully furnished studio, one and two beds for sale. Pay just 1% a month.

To learn more or to purchase a unit, please contact +971-58-5526426

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