Advice on Finding the Right Real Estate Agent in Dubai

May 09 2016
By Saad Arif

How picking a Real Estate Agent is similar to finding a life partner!

Do you know the biggest quality that an ideal life partner should have? They should be able to STICK and by sticking I mean, stick through thick and thin. Now let’s forget about your sweetheart for a moment and consider the real estate agent you just hired, do you think he/ she will stick around? Especially in Dubai’s real estate market where people are mostly in a transition phase?

Make sure you are not a rebound case for your real estate agent because he or she just flew from their home country, landed in Dubai and decided that real estate is their new love. Just like you should be able to differentiate between a gold digger and a real life partner, you should be able to ascertain whether the real estate agent you are dealing with is just after your money or does he or she really cares about you as a client?

Let me make life easier for you, I am going to give away a blueprint/ checklist that will help you determine whether you are falling for the right real estate agent or not. We have all heard about those things like the real estate agent should have a license, needs to be working in industry for many years and the list goes on. Guess what? All those things are mandatory but what really makes a real estate agent extraordinary is the qualities that I am going to describe below.

They Claim the Relationship Online

How often do you come across such agents who claim to be the best in this business but you cannot find anything about their relationship with real estate industry online? That is a big telling sign whether you are into a real relationship or not. Just imagine dating someone for years and them not sharing even a single photo with you on their Facebook wall, how would that make you feel?

Similarly, an agent claiming to be working in the industry for years and having no such online presence to show for is the kind of agent I would personally stay at a distance from.

Note: By online presence, I do not mean a Facebook page. The agent should have proper online presence like their own website or at least an page.

They See the Future Together

Would you rather spend months dating someone who isn’t sure about your future together or get into relationship with someone who makes you complete and tells you that both of you are in this for the rest of your life? This is the same case with hiring a real estate agent as well. In a transitional world of Dubai where people come and go every day, believe me, you don’t want to end up with a real estate agent who will call it quits after a few months, leaving you alone in the pool filled with other hungry real estate brokers.

They Push and Push

Real estate is a serious and nasty business. Negotiations and discussions can become really heated up and at moments, you feel like the relationship between you and your agent is not working anymore and the only good option is to break up with each other. A good real estate agent, just like a good life partner will not give up and they will push through all the objections until they win your trust.

They Are Sure

I know, I know, we come across such agents in Dubai everyday who have no clue of what they are talking about. You ask them a question and they look at your face like you just asked about the probability of finding water on Mars. Do you know the situation where you ask your girlfriend of six months whether she loves you or not and she mumbles and then changes the topic? Has your real estate agent also done something like this while you were interviewing them? Get rid of that agent, right now!

In short, finding the right real estate agent is just like finding the right life partner. Don’t be in a hurry to give away your property to anyone who calls you for a listing, after all a genuine life partner needs to have some real presence in your life.

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